Our team is a group of nice people with a passion for coffee & sweets!

We are in Barcelona because we love the weather, the food and the sea. It was a simple choice to establish our business in here. Nevertheless, we work worldwide. We do make it comfortable to talk via video conferencing and we practice clear and frequent communication, but we of course prefer face to face meetings as often as possible. We love new things and gladly adapt to your way of communication and project management to make the experience seamless with your team.

Our Virtues

  • Love music 85%
  • Are in love 70%
  • 5 star character 80%
  • Speak more than 2 languages 70%

The team behind scenes that makes it possible

Heidi PietikäinenBrand Manager

Jussi TorneCRM

Artem KondratyevDeveloper

Iryna RychykhinaSenior Marketing Specialist

Ivo DogasevicArt Director

David SalvadorDeveloper

Abraham AlcainaCTO

Essi FrantsiCustomer Service Agent

Emmi HeinonenCustomer Service Agent

Milla NergCustomer Service Agent

Adnan MasloFounder and CEO

Pedro GeadasDeveloper

Daniela FranciscoOperations Manager

Karim RamadanCustomer Service Lead

Sebastian UlmanenCustomer Service Agent

People who believe in us and trust our services