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We’re looking for an enthusiastic and talented front-end developer with extensive experience on JavaScript and SASS to bring all our projects’ web components to life, ensuring a top-notch user experience by means of clean and efficient code.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Discuss UX and interaction specifications with our designers and bring ideas to improve the end user experience on all our web products
  • Implement responsive UI elements and UX flows by building highly modular components in JavaScript, TypeScript and SASS
  • Coordinate with other frontend developers and JavaScript architects to ensure a seamless integration of your with our current architecture and tools
  • Contribute to our CSS architecture with reusable and atomic SASS modules
  • Ensure our web projects deliver a seamless experience across browsers and devices
  • Provide time estimates and contribute to better lay out our product roadmaps


About You

You should have at least 3 years experience working on front-end technologies with a special focus on UI. You are willing to learn new tools and technologies and push your boundaries.

  • You have mastered CSS, HTML, SASS and the SCSS syntax, are able to deliver rock-solid web experiences regardless the viewport, browser vendor or device in use
  • You have good knowledge of JavaScript (ES6+ Typescript) and good understanding of SPA architectures, regardless the framework or library in use
  • Demonstrated experience with at least one modern MV* style JavaScript framework: AngularJS, Angular 6/7, React, Vue, Ember, Aurelia, Backbone or Knockout
  • Love for web components and component-driven architectures. You know how to structure your JavaScript and CSS code to maximize scalability and reduce code duplication
  • Solid knowledge of the latest RWD techniques with proven experience on implementing flexible and adaptive, library-free, grids and layouts
  • You know when and how to put the right animation or transition to enhance our UX
  • CSS specificity, progressive enhancement or measuring units (px, em, rm, etc) are no mystery
  • Pre-processors and post-processors and other frontend task runners are your best friends: Gulp, Grunt, WebPack, etc.
  • Proficient with Git is a must
  • Fluent in English, you are good at communicating ideas and collaborate in teams
  • You keep up to date with the latest industry trends and techniques. You devour each and every blog post ever written by Jeffrey Zeldman, Eric Meyer, Lea Verou or Vitaly Friedman, to name a few


Bonus Points

  • Good knowledge of TypeScript or Flow
  • Prior experience on SPA projects built on top of Angular 6
  • Experience on building mid/large-scale applications on top of the Redux architecture
  • NPM and Bash experience
  • Experience on TDD and integration testing


About Us

BLUE ORANGE is a digital shop producing tailored solutions for the online gambling (iGaming) industry. Putting together latest technologies and bright minds we create simple yet entertaining consumer interfaces on top of complex systems.

Our projects are large in scale and come with market challenging requirements. In other words, we stay away from small and simple projects that just pay the bills.

We are a small but strong international team where everyone matters and is treated equally. The hard work is balanced with a friendly and pleasant environment where we have some fun along the way.

We are in Barcelona because we love the weather, the food and the sea. Our company values are respect, transparency, commitment, responsibility, attention to detail and fun.​




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